The Hotel Restaurant was originally a car repair garage in the early 1920's.  Later, it was enlarged to become a new car showroom for Model A Fords.  In 1933 the second and third floors were added and it became a hotel and restaurant known as The Newfoundland Hotel.  In 1976 the Seagraves family purchased The Newfoundland Hotel.  It eventually was simply called The Hotel, because that was what it was known as locally.  However, it has not actually been run as a hotel since before 1960.  The Hotel is still owned and operated by Seagraves family members Michael and Kathleen Seagraves, and we hope you enjoy your "stay"!


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Michael and Kathleen Seagraves

Phone:  570-676-8646

E-mail: TheNewfoundlandHotel@yahoo.com


Wednesday - Saturday

10AM - Close

Open Sundays

11AM - Close